VRF System

VRF System

Also called the “Rolls Royce” of Air Conditioning systems, Variable Refrigerant Systems or VRF Systems are extremely sophisticated air conditioning systems which vary the flow of refrigeration to indoor units based on demand. 

  • High Wall Air Conditioners

  • Floor Console Air Conditioner

  • Cassette Air Conditioners

  • Ducted Heat Pump System

More About VRF Systems...

The VRF system is a sophisticated and complex technology. It is a large scale ductless HVAC system that can perform at a high capacity. VRF systems provide the ability for multiple indoor units or pumps to operate on the same system according to the needs of demands of every area, providing easy control of your systems or units. One of the biggest advantages of a VRF system is that it is highly customisable and can be changed to suit the demands of virtually any project. 

  • Mitsubishi Floor Console Heat Pumps

  • Daikin Floor Console Heat Pumps


The Benefits of a VRF System

  • Highly energy efficient.

  • Precise temperature control in every part of your building or floor providing complete zone control.

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling.

  • Highly customisable to the needs of your project.

  • Operated by sophisticated, easy to use controls.


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Been using Auckland Air Conditioning now for well over 12 years. Both from the original installation to all subsequent maintenance work and have NEVER had cause for complaint. I cannot speak highly enough of them from front of house staff to the technician that comes to the home.

Dara and James Levine