Floor Console Air Conditioner

Floor Console Air Conditioner

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Floor Console Air Conditioner

Floor Console Heat Pumps are heating units that are installed directly on top of your floor space. Unlike wall-mounted heat pumps, floor console heat pumps won’t require extensive modifications to your current home’s structural integrity. You will have to sacrifice some floor space to accommodate your floor console heat pump.

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Why Your Home Needs A Floot Console Heat Pump...

A Floor Console heat pump takes up precious floor space. In exchange, it makes it very accessible for cleaning and maintenance. You also won’t need to worry about your wall’s structural integrity as you won’t be adding any more weight to any walls.

The newer floor console heat pumps that are being produced are remarkably smaller and lighter than the previous models. It will still take up space but not as much. To make your floor console a little more discreet or from being a potential health risk, you can have a housing created for aesthetic and practical uses.

A floor console heat pump is perfect in homes for elderly people or those who find it convenient to be able to clean their unit without having to reach up or use a ladder. Regular cleaning and periodic preventive maintenance help you keep your floor console heat pump in optimal condition for its entire lifespan.

In addition: Floor console heat pumps are perfect for homes that experience extreme cold on a regular basis. The heat emanating from the heat pump travels over the area directly in front of it and at 45-degree angle. This is where most of the heat can be felt. The heated air then rises up which makes it more appealing to homes with vaulted ceilings. This provides heat to the floor area and then it will naturally climb up, heating the rest of the house in the process. It is advised to place your floor console heat pump at the ground floor and use more than one unit if you have multiple rooms.


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