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VRF System

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Also called the “Rolls Royce” of Air Conditioning systems, Variable Refrigerant Systems or VRF Systems are extremely sophisticated air conditioning systems which vary the flow of refrigeration to indoor units based on demand. 

More About VRF Systems...

The VRF system is a sophisticated and complex technology. It is a large scale ductless HVAC system that can perform at a high capacity. VRF systems provide the ability for multiple indoor units or pumps to operate on the same system according to the needs of demands of every area, providing easy control of your systems or units. One of the biggest advantages of a VRF system is that it is highly customisable and can be changed to suit the demands of virtually any project. 

The Benefits of a VRF System

  • Highly energy efficient. 
  • Precise temperature control in every part of your building or floor providing complete zone control. 
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling. 
  • Highly customisable to the needs of your project. 
  • Operated by sophisticated, easy to use controls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to traditional HVAC systems, are estimated to be 30% more efficient during operation, depending on utility rate and operating hours. VRF systems may cost a bit more to install as compared to HVAC units but they do end up being more energy and cost efficient in the long run. 

VRF Systems work for both commercial and residential buildings. Both residential and business owners benefit from thermal comfort, cost savings, and easy maintenance, 

VRF systems must be designed for individual homes reflecting size and unique installation circumstances. VRF systems cost anywhere between $6,820 and $12,350 on average. These prices depend on the size of the project, and the brand and grade of equipment chosen. 

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